“Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” – Psalm 127:4

Founders of Generation Arrow, Kevin and Keeley Schafer

About Us

Kevin and Keeley Schafer have spent a lifetime in ministry. Their upbeat attitudes coupled with Kevin’s amazing energy is evident to anyone who knows them. Both graduates of Rhema Bible College, they have relentlessly committed to pursue God’s Word and His promises. Kevin’s service as a volunteer chaplain at the Harris County Jail, the third largest county jail in the nation, has seen thousands of inmates come to Christ. Keeley, author of “Arrows, Raising Children to Hit Their God-Given Mark,” has equipped parents with biblical and practical resources to bring up children who shine, even in a dark world.

Kevin and Keeley are the parents of three adult “arrows,” Austin, Kamryn and DeLaney. Their wise pastors, Brett and Scott Jones, exhorted them to “never die with seeds in your pocket.” Charged with this instruction, Kevin and Keeley, have devoted their lives to bring change to the world by educating and investing in others, especially the next generation.

About the Ministry

Established in 2020, Generation Arrow, was formed to be a vehicle to impact change for generations to come. In Psalm 127:4, children are compared with arrows. Arrows are a protective force that are shot out to a target beyond where one stands. Children have the greatest potential to bring God’s life and hope into the future. Although an arrow is a powerful weapon, it can’t fly on its own. It must be aimed and released by the strength of a bow. Generation Arrow’s primary focus is to equip the “bows”, who are the parents, the guardians, the family members, and the ones raising children. Through books, podcasts, group studies, parent coaching, speaking engagements, as well as inspirational merchandise, Generation Arrow will impart the spiritual wisdom and practical insight needed to successfully raise children in the ways of the Lord. Mentoring programs are also available to high school boys to teach life skills, general car maintenance, as well as how to live as a godly man. Generation Arrow declares, “May our arrows be mighty on this earth!”